Overlay plots
Automatic ip ~ v1/2 plot
Automatic semilog plot
Concentration-time dependence plot
Fourier spectrum
Nyquist plot of impedance data
large repertoire of electrochemical techniques

A large repertoire of electrochemical techniques.

System setup

System setup allows any convention of current and potential polarity.

CV Parameters

Experimental parameter dialog box for Cyclic Voltammetry.


The Macro command allows a series command to be executed in a sequence.


Experimental parameter dialog box for SECM.

Digital Simulation

User interface for digital simulator.

Digital Simulator

Digital Simulator displays both current response and the concentration profiles of different species during the simulation process.


Equations relating to various techniques can be viewed on line.

Impedance data plot
Impedance data plot.
chronopotentiometric data.
Multi-cycle chronocoulometric data
Multi-segment sweep-step functions data

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